With a complete 94 mineral complex, 
CHA Nutritional takes it to the next level. The proprietary blend of macro and trace minerals are ionic and easily absorbed by your body for maximum benefit.
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Available in 5 gallon only.

This water comes from Nature’s Big Spring in Calhoun, GA. It is the largest, deepest, & purest
spring in GA. Before bottling the spring water is filtered, UV treated, & ozonated to ensure pure quality in every bottle.
Available in 5 gallon, 1 gallon, 1 liter, and .5 liter. 

CHA Water comes from Nature’s Big Spring receiving the same filtration process. In addition CHA has 6 properties applied making it highly alkaline, readily available to cells, 
full of antioxidants, and more! 
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CHA Water Brochure.pdf
Available in 5 gallon, 1 gallon, 1 liter, and .5 liter. 

Spring Water + CHA + Mineral Complex 

Spring Water + CHA

Spring Water

We deliver 5 gallon bottles of water to your home or office throughout Chattanooga and Cleveland, TN.
Things are simple, no extra fees, no contracts.
A minimum of 3 bottles per delivery is all we ask.
Return empty bottles with each delivery.

Order online or by phone.

Nature's Big Spring Water

5 Gallon      $8 each

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CHA Alkaline Water

5 Gallon      $12 each

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CHA Nutritional Water

5 Gallon      $16 each

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Order here online or call or text (423) 284-8439.    Get setup with the best water available.

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